Vaccaro Asesores Inmobiliarios Suc. Castelar, Castelar, Zona Oeste

Sarmiento 3110, Castelar, Zona Oeste, Buenos Aires, 1712.
Year Founded
Agents Publishing
  • Vaccaro Asesores Inmobiliarios
Number of Agents
3 - 5

Real Estate Agency Description

Vaccaro Group since 1940 we are dedicated to real estate development in the West Zone, working with professionalism and seriousness.
Success, retention and continued expansion, are due in large part to the family spirit and prestige that we have earned over many years. The founders were dedicated to establishing the real estate brokerage as a recognized brand name in the area.
The advent of third generation brought the search for new challenges, the entrepreneurial spirit that defines us. From the 90 added the concept of "Group" professional relationships with companies where each maintains its identity and coordinated with the assembly. We were pioneers in the creation of "Trusts", first appeared in 1996, bringing together investors and professionals from different fields.
For years we excel in the marketing of homes under the "turnkey" recently, and in partnership with a major architectural firm added building height department. Today we are leaders in the west, that speaks for more than 600 families living in neighborhoods that the development group and many of the houses built by affiliates or partners.
Our mission is to provide advice of excellence to our customers, identifying and addressing their needs, providing reliable and comprehensive solutions with honesty and transparency, in a climate of cordiality, knowing everything that moves in a person's need for a real estate transaction. Choose us because we have a professional level of excellence, we know in depth the topics we discussed, our vast experience in the field, and offer quality products and entrepreneurship.

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