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Before getting your first appraisal..

Be patient and careful when deciding who's going to sell your property. Some agencies will try to get you to let them sell your property by telling you a price that is in fact much higher than what your property can actually be sold for. This often ends up in a very long selling progress with few results.

We often hear the question "How much is a property like this one worth?", and the answer is that every property is unique. Since your residence is not in the same place in the building, doesn't have the same light as any other, and so on, the exact value can never be known, all anyone can make is an estimation, which is why different peoples opinions vary so much.

When Appraising a Property, What Factors Contribute to the Market Price?

  • The state of the facade, entrance door, common areas of the building, staircases, gardens, etc.
  • Direction the property faces inside the building
  • The distribution of the rooms, etc., inside the residence
  • Number of Room
  • The quality of the construction materials of the house/building
  • The state of the floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Heat and water, individual or general services
  • Built-in closets
  • The kitchen and the state it is in
  • Orientation of the property
  • If it gets sunlight all day or only for a limited number of hours, the view, etc.

It seems easy, but in order to get a good appraisal you need to keep a number things in mind, like:
The offer and demand situation, and knowing the tendencies and news of the market.
Let us make your appraisal

Real Valuation

This is indispensable when beginning a good selling process, which is why a qualified professional will visit the property to appraise its actual state and other details that need to be kept in mind, but are different for each property and area where it can be found.

You will then be informed of the competitive sales value at which the property can be quickly sold. From the surveyor you will also receive information about the realty market trends at the time and the reasons why your property has the value that it does.

Do your want to know the value of a property? Then, why wait? Contact us to get fast and concrete results.

Appraisals and Confidentiality

An Appraisal is a personalized service, since you will receive a visit at the property and will be able to make questions about what the surveyor says and get explanations about the "why's" of certain subjects that influence the property value.
For your security you are also guaranteed complete confidentiality. The surveyor promises not to share the estimated value with anyone until a sales permit has been sign, after which it is obvious that the sale price needs to be exposed to potential buyers.

Written Valuations

You can also ask for a written evaluation that, for a minimal cost, leaves you a written report that might be convenient for:

  • Being accepted guarantees from commercial rentals or loans
  • Deciding to buy
  • Resolving family issues
  • Evaluating investment projects, etc.
If you want to, for an additional cost, you can ask for a report of credit risk, plus a list of possible inhibitions to the sale.

Ask us for the documentation that you need to present

To correctly appraise your property, it is very useful to have the following documents available at the time of the visit (original or photocopied) to show the surveyor, who will then write down some necessary facts. The documents will never be removed from your house, and always remain in your possession.

  • The Floor Plan (even if changes have been made to your property after the plan was drawn)
  • Property Title
  • Property tax (last received bill)
  • Subdivided properties (law 13512 for ph:s (terraced town-houses))
  • Division of ph:s (terraced town-houses)
  • Last 3 expense payments


Don't waste time, ask for an appraisal from serious and well-known realtors, such as the ones we can get you in contact with.
The appraisals that you will get through are free regardless of the type of property that you possess, be it a house, town-house, office, locale, or ware-house, etc.
It is company policy to always give a real appraisal with a price that's proportional to the market value and will make it easy for the property in question to be sold quickly.
Finally, remember that you will always get personalized contact and a real appraisal made by a Real estate agency that has the trust of our staff. promises to bring you a honest and confidential service.

If you want, you can send your question.

In Your Appraisal..

  • Experience and Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Dedication
  • Confidentiality
  • Information about the market and its tendencies
  • Verify the state of the appraised property

You Can Get Appraisals of..

  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Terraced Town-Houses
  • Lofts
  • Offices
  • Commercials
  • Development Plot
  • Ranch
  • Country House
  • Gated Communities
  • Deposits
  • Ware-Houses
  • Buildings
  • Industrial Plants and Activities
  • Planted Fields
  • Farm
  • Private Neighborhoods
  • Estancias,
  • Hotels
  • Businesses, etc.

The Appraisal that you receive are from recognized Realtors from the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires

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