Aurellana Agustin Inversiones Inmobiliarias, Hurlingham, Zona Oeste

Av. Vergara 3892, Coraceros, Hurlingham, Zona Oeste, Buenos Aires, 1686.
Year Founded
Member of
  • C.C.M.P.M.   -   Colegio de Corredores y Martilleros Públicos de Morón
Agents Publishing
  • Aurellana Agustin Agustin
Number of Agents
1 - 2

Real Estate Agency Description

Leading the company is the auctioneer and public Corridor Aurellana Agustin collegiate Morón Judicial Department under No. 2332.Somoos a company that from day one it has been proposed to provide an excellent service, before. during and after every real estate transaction. Our efforts are aimed at meeting the needs of customers nueetros. Reward assure transparency, effectiveness and suitability the trust you place in us.

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