DAC Propiedades - CSI 5667 CUCICBA 3983, Tigre, Zona Norte

Boulevard del Mirador, Studios 1, Of 102, Bahía Grande, Nordelta Studios 1, Of 102, Tigre, Zona Norte, Buenos Aires.
Year Founded
Member of
  • C.I.A.   -   Cámara Inmobiliaria Argentina (C.I.A.)
  • C.M.C.P.S.I.   -   Colegio de Martilleros y Corredores Públicos de San Isidro
  • C.U.C.I.C.B.A.   -   Colegio Unico de Corredores de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Agents Publishing
  • DAC Propiedades Propiedades
Number of Agents
3 - 5

Real Estate Agency Description

DAC Properties conceived with the aim of offering a real estate professional and personal involvement and focused on respecting the ethical rules governing our profession. Our work is done with the knowledge and the concern that behind every house, behind each department, behind every house, is a person, a family, a story.

That's why taking care of our customers we care to listen and meet their needs, concerns and wishes, advising, not just selling. All this is possible because in addition to our personal commitment we have professionals trained and registered in the corresponding records to accomplish our task in a professional, appropriate and involved, thereby obtaining a successful outcome, where our greatest satisfaction is seeing concretized their desires.

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