Carlos Castaño Propiedades, Florida, Zona Norte

Av.Maipu 878, Florida, Zona Norte, Buenos Aires, 1602.
Year Founded
Member of
  • C.M.C.P.S.I.   -   Colegio de Martilleros y Corredores Públicos de San Isidro
  • C.U.C.I.C.B.A.   -   Colegio Unico de Corredores de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Agents Publishing
  • Carlos Castaño Propiedades
Number of Agents
1 - 2

Real Estate Agency Description

Carlos Castaño Properties is a company engaged in property investment, with commercial experience of over 30 years operating throughout the Northern Zone. Our team of trained and highly trusted offered every effort to provide the best service transparently.

So when ud. want to assess, sell, rent or manage your property, please contact us, we shall perform the operation quickly and successfully.

We use SumaProp Real Estate Software

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