Inmobiliaria Romanel Propiedades, Caballito, Capital Federal

Campichuelo 602, Arturo Jauretche, Caballito, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, 1405.
Year Founded
Member of
  • C.I.A.   -   Cámara Inmobiliaria Argentina (C.I.A.)
Agents Publishing
  • Romanel
Number of Agents
1 - 2

Real Estate Agency Description

Romanel Properties has its beginnings more than thirty years ago to establish himself as leader for career and seriously since the early '90s. Its strong presence in the area surrounding the Horse and located in a privileged place in private real estate transactions (apartments, houses and land), commercial and industrial. With a commitment to assisting their clients and to provide them at all times the best real estate solutions, Romanel properties have always worked with a large sales force and dynamism. Thus, its market leadership has been achieved from a philosophy based on mutual trust with customers and solidity of each of its operations.
For this we have:
<li>own offices, equipped with every comfort that the customer deserves.</li>
<li financial support, and private banking, mortgage lending in 48 hours. and tailored to the client.</li>
<li>Legal advice and notarial architectural designs made by frontline professionals.</li>
<li>Romanel is a qualified company in the Red Argenprop (1,600 Real estate attached) Buyers</li>
<li>Bank / Tenant to continuously updating and monitoring.</li>
<li>Romanel is part of an interactive system that allows you to streamline information and to broaden their range of offers and demands.</li>
<li>These features, coupled with the high level of attention of the company, suggests that the dream of buying or selling your home, not only depends on the client, but also the customer also depends on a company that know how to work. Because ultimately, a company that knows how to work is a company that knows answer it.</li>