Beit Negocios Inmobiliarios, Nuņez, Capital Federal

Av. Cabildo 3073 Piso 3, Quesada, Nuņez, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, 1429.
Year Founded
Member of
  • C.U.C.I.C.B.A.   -   Colegio Unico de Corredores de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Agents Publishing
  • Beit Negocios Inmobiliarios
Number of Agents
3 - 5

Real Estate Agency Description

We are a company staffed by its owners pointed to the confidence in the people of the area, implementing all the existing tools that technology provides. Make it up 2 partners, Paul Tempera and Rachel Denenberg, Public Auctioneers and Brokers.

We use Siprop Real Estate Software

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