Bambic Inmobiliaria Almagro, Almagro, Capital Federal

Av. Corrientes 4501, Almagro, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, 1195.
Year Founded
Member of
  • C.I.A.   -   Cámara Inmobiliaria Argentina (C.I.A.)
  • A.C.T.I.B.A.   -   Actividad Inmobiliaria de Buenos Aires
  • C.U.C.I.C.B.A.   -   Colegio Unico de Corredores de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Agents Publishing
  • Bambic Inmobiliaria Almagro
Number of Agents
1 - 2

Real Estate Agency Description

We in Eduardo Bambic Real Estate know that responsiveness is the number one priority of the organization, and this goes far beyond a good operation. For us, service is to understand customer needs and learn to fulfill them.

We use SumaProp Real Estate Software

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