Fabian Castillo Propiedades, Rafael Calzada, Zona Sur

Agüero 2.018, Pte. Peron, Rafael Calzada, Zona Sur, Buenos Aires, 1847.
Year Founded
Member of
  • A.C.T.I.B.A.   -   Actividad Inmobiliaria de Buenos Aires
  • CPMCLZ   -   Colegio Publico de Martilleros y Corredores de Lomas de Zamora
Agents Publishing
  • Fabian Castillo
Number of Agents
1 - 2

Real Estate Agency Description

Our firm provides financial advice on the alternatives of our services and advice covering the full spectrum of Real Estate.
- Investments.

- Rent Administration.

- Assessments with Methodology.

- Industrial & Commercial Division

- Advanced Properties.

- Marketing Enterprises.

- Sale and / or Residential Rental Property.

- Sale and Purchase Operations simultaneous

- Website with more visits and consultations on the market.

- Management or Private Mortgage Banking.

- Banks Chambers Tickets for firms and / or Scripture

- Tax and Legal Advice prior to the signing of its operation

Mortgage loans to first-line banks.
You choose a bank and click on their logo, being able to use the most modern simulation techniques for better financial credit analysis.
We know that a correct appraisal of your property, determine the success of your operation.
Pricing is the equilibrium which involves both building characteristics, surface lot and built, location, age and environment of a property.
Our experience and market knowledge allow us to project ourselves also on the variations that are modified and enhancement of the different zones.
If you want to price your property, please complete the form below.
Personnel from our firm will contact you to advise and coordinate an interview.