Daniel Artusa Inmobiliaria - Ramos Mejía , Zona Oeste

Daniel Artusa Inmobiliaria
Business Address:
Tres de Febrero 583
Ramos Mejía, Zona Oeste
Number of Agents:(1 - 2)
Currently publishing: Daniel Artusa,

Trade Association Memberships:
No Value

Year Founded:

Stats on this Business:
Properties Published(All): 279 | Enquiries Received: 2,298 | Page Hits(Total): 8,597 | Stats Last Updated: Aug 15, 2014

Description / Promotional Information (English):
Daniel artusa properties was founded in September 2008 with a staff of 4 persons. Daniel is also engaged in construction for more than 20 years.
Daniel Artusa Inmobiliaria Real Estate

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